3 mobile app development mistakes to avoid

With the growing popularity of mobile apps and app development, it’s no surprise than an increasing number of businesses are trying to make their mark in the mobile space.

The problem, particularly for businesses of a smaller size, is knowing what works, what doesn’t, and attempting to figure out an approach that best conforms to your specific needs. To help you avoid some pitfalls of app development, we’ve assembled some common mistakes first-time developers should try and avoid when moving their business to the small screen.

1. Consider which platform you want to target

Before you embark on development, consider which platform you want your app to appear on and what kind of audience you’re trying to reach. There are a wealth of options, so don’t just limit yourself to iOS. Apple products may be popular, but they cater to a very specific demographic, and their popularity doesn’t extend to the whole globe. Android, for example, is much more widespread outside of the US, so if you’re planning on global domination it could be the way to go.

2. Shake it up and make your app unique

Although your mobile app should in many ways be a condensed version of your desktop website, you can’t simply squeeze a carbon copy of your site into an app and call it a day. A good mobile app is elegant, uncluttered and intuitive; it takes advantage of the touch screen and makes shopping a fun and tactile experience. Consider what makes your company and product unique, and use the advantages of the hardware to create a new kind of shopping experience for your clients.

3. Beta the devil you know

Beta testing is a crucial – maybe the most crucial – step in app development. A nasty bug is costly, and an app that crashes every time it starts up because you neglected to test it on a variety of configurations could spell disaster. It’s not just bugs either: thorough beta testing will help you fine-tune your app, pinpointing issues with navigation and the interface you might have missed. Simply put, the more people who test your app, the better the final product will be.

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