An intro to mobile friendly websites

As we all know, the generation of the smartphone is upon us, granting immediate access to information when and where we want it, depending on our signal of course! So when potential customers hear about a brand, a new website or advertising campaign and they want to find out more, it’s likely that they will reach for their phones. Detailed research by Econsultancy shows that over 60% of business owners reported that customers and other clients will look them up on their mobiles before any other action is taken. This a statistic worth taking notice of; if your mobile site or larger online presence isn’t up to standard, you could be losing up to 60% of your potential customer base. So having mobile friendly website design is almost essential in the modern market place.

As for what mobile friendly actually means, it’s pretty simple, they just need to work on phones. At it’s most basic level, potential clients need to be able to find your site and be able to read it on their phones. Recently, Google released an online tool for website owners who want to know if their site matches the specifications ( This is particularly helpful given that Google have also just started adding ‘mobile friendly’ banners to search results on phones. You can be sure the open rates for those sites are higher than those without the banner. For those wondering what specifications need to be met to warrant said banner, look no further:

  • Text needs to be readable and clear, without having to zoom.
  • Finger-friendly interface. Any tap-able buttons or links need to be spaced well to avoid miss-taps.
  • Content needs to fit mobile screens perfectly, so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or diagonally across the page.
  • The site must not use objects or applications that are incompatible with mobile devices.

For now, these will get you a banner by your site’s name and guaranteed interaction from your customers, but in the future, being mobile friendly could be even more important. In a statement with the release of their mobile-test-tool, Google said they were planning to add this mobile friendly criterion to their SEO specifications in the future. So, pretty soon, whether your website design is mobile friendly or not could directly impact your search rankings. So be friendly.

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