Care Sector Internet of Things

The internet of things role in the health care sector has made it both more efficient and effective than it has ever been previously. IoT has played a big part in preventing diseases and managing chronic diseases through technology being able to detect and monitor patients more efficiently and faster than the human eye.

IoT monitoring can give close attention and constant non-invasive monitoring to a large number of patients that usually wouldn’t be able to receive the same level of treatment. This technology can review and store the information for further analysis which removes the need for constant check-ups from a health care professional. The information will be in a constant flow which results in a higher level of attention while also lowering the cost.

The use of this technology to both store and monitor information means that it can be transferred through to medical professionals around the world who otherwise would not be able to access information on the subject with such ease. The information could be sent from patients to medical professionals for recommendations saving both time and money.

Healthy individuals can also benefit from the IoT monitoring of their daily health and well-being. The information could be used in an elderly persons home to detect if they fall over or have some sort of serious abnormality in their day to day life. People of any age who compete in sporting activities could find many uses in the monitoring as it could be a wearable piece of technology with constant monitoring of heart rate and other important information.

In many sectors the ideas for technology moves a lot faster than the policy’s and regulations. The health care sector often has to wait for advanced technology to be certified before they can take advantage of the level of patient care improvement it could provide. This does unfortunately mean the health care sectors policy’s and regulations are slowing down new medical technology.

The act of being able to monitor patients from their own home is very cost effective as it cuts down costs on emergency care, and frequent visits. This also provides more comfort for the patient as they don’t have to keep going to the hospital or making home appointments. The ability for early diagnosis will make the treatment of patients much more efficient and will stop the patients illness from getting worse.

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