Custom Built Software – Why?

Custom built software was once the preserve of large organisations but is becoming increasingly accessible and appropriate for all sizes of organisation. The emergence of robust development frameworks and the ever growing talent pool of increasingly skilled developers has contributed to development projects taking less time which reduces the investment outlay.

Many businesses juggle standardised off the shelf software to complete different tasks which, as the business grows, requires ever greater manual intervention and resources to manage. As an organisation evolves it is invaluable to review the fitness for purpose of critical business platforms.

The one size fits all approach of standardised software means that compromises often have to be made. This may mean features that you do not use or having to re-work your businesses workflow to fit the software’s design. Using separate packages frequently demands additional time and resources invested in customising software to suit your own businesses and customer requirements. Administration can be unnecessarily laborious where information has to be extracted or manipulated from different packages or screens to complete a process.

By removing inefficient working practices, automating recurring tasks and offering a high quality user experience custom designed software will deliver a quantifiable return on investment.

Custom designed software will be built to reflect the way you work and include only features that add value to your business and customers.

Software developed to meet your exact requirement typically benefits from a reduced deployment time and reduced support and customisation costs with an associated reduction in the cost of ownership.

Customised software builds are typically designed to be adaptable and extended as additional business requirements are identified.

Software designed to meet your exact requirements and localised to your specific environment can reduce the business administrative overheads, improve the customer experience and create a competitive advantage.

Alongside your custom built software you will also have customised support. This will help you and your staff get the most from your software since the original developers can make enhancements, provide training and ensure 100% availability.

We deliver solutions that improve our partners’ business processes. Purple Tuesday are a dedicated .NET development house. .NET is an application development framework developed and supported by Microsoft to provide robust and scalable tools that are tested and certified for ease of management within mission critical business environments.

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