Google Go gets set for Android

In a bold new move that’s sure to please mobile app development houses everywhere, Google Go’s programming language, a service built around concurrent programming and productivity for developers, has been given the green light for app development on Android.

Google Go added official support for Android as part of its recent version 1.4 update, something the software company called “the most notable new feature in this release.” They went on to add that developers can now utilise the support in the core libraries contained within the the depository to write simple apps entirely with Go code. At this early stage, the actual support libraries are still in flux, undergoing heavy development and additional changes, but early adopters are being encouraged to dive in and get themselves involved.

Up until very recently, Android used Java programming via Dalvik VM, but with the release of the new Android 5.0 OS the amount of options available to developers is beginning to expand.

Go, one of Google’s open source programs, is designed to make software simpler, streamlining app development and making the process feel more natural. The Google Go APIs for Android make it easier than ever before to implement features such as drawing directly onto the screen, producing noises and governing touch events. This new features makes it the ideal tool for developers looking to create simple, intuitive apps, and even games.

On top of the Android support, version 1.4 also boasts improved garbage collection, as well as support for ARM processors across Native Client cross-platform tech, with a new, truly concurrent collector set to arrive with the next release.

RedMonk analyst Stephen O’Grady believes Android support could be the kickstart Go needs, saying “the Android support is very interesting, as it could eventually benefit the language much the same way Java has from the growth of the mobile platform.”

Despite being around since 2009, Google Go is only just starting to gain a foothold, finally making some serious headway in the RedMonk Programming Language Rankings released earlier this year. Analysts predict that the software will continue to grow in popularity in the coming six months, claiming it could even break the top 20 as early as January.

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