How to make the most of your new ERP system

To optimise a new ERP system, measure its performance in detail, tackle any easy fixes, then prioritise other improvements. Treat it as an ongoing process.

You’re much more likely to see a healthy return on your investment in a brand new enterprise resource planning system if you monitor and maintain it. Like all computing solutions, ERP is a constantly evolving field and integrating it into your existing business management procedures is also likely to be a process.

Detailed monitoring is crucial, particularly at this early stage. Spend a few months recording each critical process, measuring how long it takes and looking for areas with potential for improvement. Note down things which don’t seem to be performing quite as well as you had originally anticipated. Your careful documentation at this stage will provide you with a base against which to measure your future improvements.

Look at this initial assessment stage for anything that can quickly and easily be fixed. You can reap significant benefits with minimal effort if it’s targeted cleverly. More complex adjustments are likely to take a lot longer and, although you will need to schedule those in, this initial tune-up can both boost your company’s efficiency and improve morale as the staff using the system notice your improvements.

Now you need to prioritise the remaining work. Systematically rank your bigger tasks according to their potential impact on performance. At this stage you are likely to benefit from consulting your software development company for practical advice.

As you take your programme of refinements forward, the input of the staff using the system will be increasingly important. Do what you can to encourage input, whether the initial responses are useful or not. By actively seeking feedback and creating a culture of openness you’ll make sure you get to hear what you need to know.

You’ll get more out of your ERP if you regard this as an ongoing process of improvement, rather than an finite programme. With constant advances being made by programmers, you’ll find there’s potential for your system’s performance to keep getting better and better.

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