Mobile app predictions for 2015

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular, and increasingly widespread. A majority of UK mobile phone owners now use a smartphone running on Windows, iOs or Android. Most smartphone users are used to downloading apps that offer something completely new or provide an alternative way to carry out an online task such as grocery shopping, internet banking or chatting with friends, but what will 2015 bring for the world of mobile applications? Here are 5 industry predictions:

Payment by mobile

More and more providers will offer ways to make payments by mobile phone. Most banks now include a function within their app that will let their customers send money to a mobile phone number. Services like PayPal will become an option for payment in a wider range of physical stores, and some mobile phones will be used to make in-store payments by connecting straight to card payment handsets.

Location tracking

Mobile apps will take increasing advantage of location services and GPS, to provide consumers with information and offers more relevant to their needs. If you’re walking past a shop, you may find that you’re delivered a discount coupon just as you stroll past the door.

App connectivity and collaboration

Mobile apps will increasingly work together, even if they’re created by different companies. Professionals from many industries are seeing the benefits of collaboration, connecting with complementary services (and even with competitors) to provide more choice and more functionality for consumers.

Increases in required updates

As phone manufacturers work to develop new mobile handsets more frequently, and as they roll out software upgrades at a rate of knots, mobiles apps will need to keep up. Any app development company will need to be prepared to react quickly whenever an operating system upgrade takes place, to ensure that apps still function properly and don’t become obsolete.

Increases in UK app development requirements

Some companies have always seen apps as an afterthought – non-essential, but handy as an added benefit or selling point. Now, apps are becoming more essential and are expected by consumers. As a result, quality needs to become a top priority and companies will be looking to UK mobile app developers to create their mobile applications rather than outsourcing to foreign countries where costs and quality might have been lower.

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