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It used to be that a mobile phone was simply a way of communication or sending short text messages. In addition, if you were lucky, your device may also have supported simple apps such as a calculator or even a small game. The phones we now have are so much more advanced and comparing with the devices of not so long ago would look more like a super computer. The developments we have made over a relatively short period are incredible.

Now with super-fast internet speeds, a modern device can utilise this for such things as web browsing, social networks and even taking high quality images and high definition movies. Communication as a concept has come a long way.

With new features being developed and implemented every year, mobile phones are only getting better and stronger, with new technology for phones looking promising with features being unimaginable. Smart phones today give you the ability to already do so much that you wouldn’t think possible, for example, you can now link your phone to a variety of other devices to use as a remote control. You can link your phone to your TV to be able to change channels and record shows away from home and you can even start your car by pressing controls on certain apps and even using voice commands.

In recent years, phones have being made and developed with much more sophisticated hardware and software to be able to run incredible and fascinating features that add even more functionality to your phone.

I will now look at a few of the more advanced functions that are now becoming common to smart devices.

Magnetometers and Accelerometers

Many phones now include magnetometers and accelerometers so that the phone can have a working compass that operates just like a physical magnetic compass.

Along with these two features the GPS also helps to build on the compass for more accuracy when it comes to longitude and latitude. To build this sort of thing into such a small yet complex device is brilliant and a good step forward into the future of new technology for future phones.

The accelerometer is also used for various different apps such as spirit level apps, which give you an accurate reading of the level your phone is on.


Almost all smartphones now include high quality cameras with many of them having more than 8 mega pixels, which beats a variety of expensive digital cameras. The cameras on the phone not only take HD pictures but have a range of filters which you can include when taking a picture, not only that but with the latest iPhone you can take panorama pictures that span round a long view. The camera also has the ability to take HD films too which look sharp and work well with low light.

With the commonly known smartphones such as iPhones and HTCs becoming even more popular, some of the features get over looked. With iPhones for example it is becoming more than just a means to communication but also a personal device that has everything you need to make your life easier.


Linking together the various functions into your one simple device makes for quick and easy use as well as well as personalising your device usage. For example, you can link your GPS and social network together to geo-tag your camera pictures when you upload them.

With apps such as Google Wallet, you can link up your credit card details to your phone and enable you to buy from shops and restaurants by simply scanning over a sensor with your phone, making your life a little less stressful if you forget your wallet.


With many smart phones now using GPS, it makes it a lot smarter when it comes to abilities and features. With it, you’re able to see where you are and the things around, you can then plan the best route to get somewhere as well as compare the time taken using different routes.

Social Networks

One of the biggest advances to come from mobile phones these days is the simple way to connect with your friends and link up your social network accounts to your phone.

This has become possible with apps being made by the sites so that you can connect wherever you are with your friends.

Using your social network you can link your gaming activities together and compare your score and leader boards with your friends and family.

In my next post I will continue looking at some of the advances that smart phones are making and how they impact on your everyday life.

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