NDL and Purple Tuesday new development partnership

Purple Tuesday has recently joined NDL as a development partner for their awiMX and awiSX products, offering integration services to public and private sector organisations. Awi tools are already in use by over 150 public sector and commercial organisations.

The awiSX toolsets offer organisations the opportunity to automate many of the labour intensive tasks involved in maintaining the connection between disparate systems and provides significant cost savings through increased flexibility and error reduction.

As well as the awiSX toolset we are now able to provide organisations development opportunities utilising the awiMX tools. The awiMX tool is a one-stop solution for the rapid development and management of fully-integrated enterprise-scale mobile deployments. It works on a huge range of mobile devices, from ruggedized PDAs and Windows Phones to Tablet PCs and BlackBerry Smartphones. In short, it’s a single-platform solution for muilti-application, multi-device use.

Visit the NDL website for more information on the range of automation and app building products.

If your organisation is currently utilising any of the awi tools or you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from these simple to use and cost effective solutions please get in touch.

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