One to watch: Apple Watch dev tools may be here sooner rather than later

Although the recent Apple event dedicated itself primarily to the company’s upcoming suite of next generation iPads, the X Yosemite operating system and Apple Pay, the tech giant also shone a spotlight on its upcoming Apple Watch.

One of the more interesting announcements was Apple’s promise to release an app development tool, dubbed WatchKit, that will help developers create software for the device.

“We have been working with selected third-party developers on Apple Watch, like BMW, like American Airlines, like Starwood, and they’ve created some really unique personal experiences for Apple Watch,” commented Apple CEO Tim Cook. “I’m pleased to tell you today that we have developed WatchKit, where many other developers can join this party.”

This comes as welcome news to app development companies, who will no doubt welcome the chance to tinker with the software and get a handle on the new tech ahead of the watch’s debut. With the technology as untested as it is, it will be interesting to see what kind of innovations they bring to the table and we’re very excited to see what kind of mobile apps will be present on the device come day one.

“We are rolling out WatchKit next month, in time for developers to really do some fantastic work before we begin shipping Apple Watch. We can’t wait to see what amazing experiences they’ll come up with,” Cook added.

The watch has been hotly tipped by industry insiders, who believe Apple’s stylish new slice of wearable tech will bring smart watch technology kicking and screaming into the mainstream. The highly customizable nature of the device is also expected to draw in more fashion-conscious consumers, dissatisfied with similar offerings from Motorola, LG and Samsung.

“It’s the most personal device we’ve ever created. You can wear this powerful technology right on your wrist and it’s just as much about personal expression as it is about functionality,” said Cook, commenting on the growing trend of fashionable, wearable technology.

Despite qualms that the device would be light on functionality, the Apple Watch was shown interacting with Apple TV, as well as sharing calls, data, and texts with other devices, hinting that it will play a larger role in the Apple ecosystem than first suspected.

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