Supporting a sales force with custom CRM applications

An analysis of over a decade of CRM projects have revealed that between 25% and 60% of these projects have failed to meet expectations. With the global CRM market estimated to grow to $36.4 billion by 2017, why are things still going wrong?

There are several major factors affecting the success of a CRM system. These include the ability of the system provider to properly customise the CRM software interface to meet the users requirements and the ability of the provider to properly interface the CRM software to other systems. The availability of the CRM system to mobile users is another contributing factor.

These lessons are being learnt, thankfully. An increasing number of businesses are looking to software development companies to provide them with CRM environments tailored to their requirements, rather than working with off-the-shelf products that don’t meet their requirements.

The importance of customisation and control

Successful CRM projects can offer up to a five fold return on investment. However, where user engagement levels drop because of badly implemented user interfaces and software that falls short of expectations, the loss of ROI is precipitous.

If an off-the-shelf product is not going to fulfil your users requirements, your investment in CRM could quickly be wasted.

The importance of integration

In today’s marketplace, your CRM system needs to look beyond the bounds of the organisation and its customers, and embrace social media. In recent surveys, more than half of marketers surveyed reported finding new customers through Facebook, whilst a further 43% had won new business via LinkedIn. The message here is clear – your CRM system needs to be integrated into these environments to maximise effectiveness. If your existing system is not capable of this, bespoke software development may be the answer.

The importance of mobile access

A recent study showed that having mobile access to CRM increased the productivity of sales people by 15%. If your CRM system is currently on-premise only, mobile application development may be a route by which you can extend the system’s reach and bring the benefits of CRM to your remote users.

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