Take control of mobile app costs

A study by workspace management company Matrix42 has revealed widespread use of business applications on company smartphones is coupled with a shocking lack of centralised provisioning or control from IT Departments.

The survey, which covered over 1,000 medium and small businesses, revealed that nearly 70% of those businesses were not fully aware of which applications were installed on employees’ company mobile phones and tablets. In addition to this, these same companies were only able to offer approximations on the costs of purchasing and running these applications.

Costs for business applications, when purchased from a mobile platform’s default “app store”, can include the initial purchase of the software, subscription costs, costs to unlock additional features (the so called “freemium” model), and the costs of data consumed by the application itself.

With the majority of businesses in the survey leaving mobile devices completely under the control of the end user, it is little wonder that these costs are running out of control.

Only 24% of the IT decisions makers who responded to the survey said that had implemented a mobile application management solution (12%) or a proprietary enterprise app store (12%). By contrast, 28% of the surveyed companies said that they were “completely unable” to assess what applications were installed on users’ devices.

There’s no doubt that the vast majority of the applications that users are buying and subscribing to are fulfilling some business need, either in the short or the long term, but it’s a critical oversight from IT managers not to be taking control of this procurement process. Whilst desktop and intranet software is scrutinised, requirements analysed, and costs vs benefits calculated, mobile apps appear to be slipping through the cracks.

If you have smartphones deployed in your business, it’s time to take control. Audit what applications users are using, which they are paying for, and what business need these fulfil. You may find that you can save money by converging to a single application for some requirements or by commissioning bespoke mobile app development to create an app that perfectly meets your users’ particular needs.

The full study can be found here: www.matrix42.com/data/uploads/repository/Whitepaper_SAM_Study_EN-1417010377473.pdf

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