Top 5 ERP’s For Manufacturers

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can transform your business. But with so many systems available, finding the right one for your manufacturing business is a tough choice to call.

The best ERP for your manufacturing business depends on your needs, but the central feature of all ERP’s is to integrate a shared database across all units. ERP systems support multiple functions and feeds relevant information throughout every department.

Integration between business units is a marvel, but manufacturers need an ERP that is specifically designed for manufacturers. Below is our top five pick of best ERP’s for manufacturers.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP

The Manufacturing ERP is IQMS’s award-winning flagship system. Specifically designed for SMB and multi-batch processing, this machine offers a cloud-based service that enables you to recover data even if you have a system failure. Therefore, you never lose an order. Furthermore, the IQMS Manufacturing ERP is capable of performing multiple operations including CRM, purchasing, EDI, reporting, production planning, quality control, supply chain and shipping management.

Statii Software

If you want a cloud-based ERP system that is easy-to-use, look no further than the Statii manufacturing software. Designed to improve efficiency throughout departments, this ERP will cut operational costs by facilitating effective channels of communication between units. Statii software is best suited for small manufacturers specializing in electronics, metal processing, plastics and industrial machinery and other industries of that ilk, and provides a secure system with access to real-time updates.


The PolygonPM was the first dedicated ERP system for apparel manufacturers. Offering comprehensive features and industry specific functionality, the PolygonPM targets small to medium sized businesses with a workforce of around 200 users. Specialist functions include fabric inspection, CMT production and custom reporting, making it one of the most versatile and powerful ERP’s on the market.

E2 Shop System

The E2 shop system by Shoptech Corporation delivers software that is highly versatile and provides easy-to-use solutions for make-to-order manufacturers. Designed to help businesses increase productivity and profits, the E2 software covers everything from placing orders to labelling shipping and packing slips. Furthermore, the scheduling module ties everything together and eliminates guesswork.
Global Shop Solutions

The fully-integrated ERP software from Global Shop Solutions has simplified manufacturing for businesses of all sizes. Featuring real-time inventory, businesses have the ability to improve on-time delivery and reduce administration costs thus enhancing customer satisfaction and profitability. The stand-out feature of this ERP is the Global Application Builder which enables manufacturers to customise the system to match the needs of your workflow.

If your sales figures are based on guesswork and the old ways of working are slowing down delivery times, an ERP is an essential tool for manufacturing businesses. Whilst we appreciate that each business is unique, ERP’s offer a better overall solution than adding software packages to your existing system just to plug the gaps.

Eventually, the amount of software you need to run a business smoothly and effectively becomes costly. ERP’s that are dedicated to the manufacturing industry are the cost-effective solution.

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