Transform your business with these mobile app innovations

The new year brings with it many innovations, especially in mobile phone technology. Check out the following app trends that could help transform your business…

Mobile meets machine

If you’re a software development company, increasing your M2M (machine-to-machine) communications can be a great way to gain valuable intel and actionable insights. To do this, companies need to add sensors, or technology with networking capabilities, to the products they’re releasing to market. Getting your hands on such data not only makes it easier to launch new products, it also helps you to better understand the types of products and technologies your customer base craves.

The technology itself is also incredibly versatile and can be deployed in surprising ways. One enterprising advertising firm, for example, uses M2M communications to pull data from people’s mobile devices, it then uses that information to create personalised adverts which flash up on billboards as they pass by.

Not just a pretty interface

As we move into the new year, we’re seeing an increasing number of UI interfaces that offer increased functionality to users. In 2015, software developers will take this trend one step further, moving away from passive interfaces towards something that’s almost like a virtual assistant. If you’ve had any experience with Siri, or Microsoft’s Cortana, you’ll have some idea of what we’re talking about. These virtual PAs will work by collating a user’s preferences, usage and location data, among other things, to offer personal recommendations.

To take advantage of this innovation, apps in 2015 will need to start becoming context-aware, able to integrate voice control and touch commands, as well as work in conjunction with web services, such as Cortana, to meet their user’s demands.

Performance art

While it’s important for software development companies to release apps that are pleasing to look at, the focus going forward should be on functionality and providing intuitive user experiences. In order to stay competitive, more and more apps need to offer the latest functionality: cloud computing, cloud storage, and cross-system capabilities. While this is good from a marketing perspective, cramming so many features into your software can negatively impact performance. Instead, focus on finding a good balance between speed and features; this will help you avoid user frustration and ensure your app remains responsive.

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