Trends to feature in your apps in 2015

Regardless of your mobile app’s function, you should never overlook the opportunity to tie-in with some of the bigger events of the year. Be it through extra content, clever promotions, relating your app to the event or simply riding on its coattails, here are some big days in 2015 that you might be able to take advantage of.

The Oscars (February)

America is already ramping up for Oscar season, but there’s nothing to stop UK apps working the “best xxxx” meme or asking your users for their views on all things Hollywood, with fashion updates, party guides, opinion polls or other related chat.

Election day (May)

Due on the 7th May at the latest, the General Election will be the major talking point during the first half of the year for all Brits, especially the media. Apps can focus on the fun factor of the election with mock polls, or mocking the potential candidates through animations, quotes and viral videos. Local apps can get serious by focusing on local issues and candidates, or follow the big names when they visit your area. If you can get your app noticed by local or national media then it will gain a major boost in visibility, and with the press always looking for a good angle, apps will be a key feature n in the coverage of this year’s election.

The Rugby World Cup (Sept/Oct)

The biggest sporting event of the year will have plenty of tight rules over how brands, media and content can relate to it, but there will be nothing wrong with being very excited about rugby come the autumn. With the matches taking place across England and Wales, from Exeter up to Cardiff and Newcastle, apps with good local knowledge can help visitors while information about the lesser teams and players will be much sought after during the group stages.

Christmas 2015 (December)

An obvious one, naturally, but we hope you were taking a look at what your rivals were doing this festive period. Did they do anything special or clever that you should be doing for next time? Make sure you take comprehensive notes, while they are fresh in your mind, and get your app developers working on your version now. While you’re at it, look through your industry’s year planner and see what specific events you should be focusing on, and ensure you have relevant content of features for those times.

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