Website design trends for 2015

Website design trends change year on year, and if you want to grow your business you need to make sure that you keep your website up to date with what’s going on the in the design world. With that in mind, here are four trends to look out for in 2015, to help you make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

Infinite scrolling

The infinity scroll appeared on a number of high concept websites during 2014, but with the introduction of larger mobile and tablet devices, it should feature a lot more in 2015. Implemented with interesting animations and interactions, and even sound, one-page scrolling websites are definitely the future. Why stretch something across five pages when you can fit it on one interesting and stylish scrolling page?

Typography matters

Typography has always been an important part of website design, but in 2015 we expect to see it play a bigger role in how websites are formed. Large, bold lettering is most definitely on trend, and coupled with block colour backgrounds and simpler layouts, it will have a major impact on our first impression of a website. Typekits and fonts are becoming more affordable and accessible, so expect to see some interesting typography appearing over the coming year.

More interaction

As brands switch their focus from selling products to providing experiences, interactive web pages will become ever more popular. Customers want to be able to interact with their favourite companies and brands, and interactive websites allow them to do this. As the time spent on websites decreases, brands need to be doing as much as they can to keep their users interested, and interactive animations are a great way to do this.

The decline of stock photography

Once the go to source for adding images to your website, stock photography is fast becoming a thing of the past. With photography equipment and software becoming cheaper and easier to use, many websites are shunning stock photography in favour of high quality, bespoke images. Not only does it look more professional, it also strengthens your brand and makes your website more personal.

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