Why bespoke software?

Why bespoke?

As you would expect, as bespoke software developers, we can list quite a few benefits your business can realise when implementing bespoke software solutions and some of these are really obvious.

While off the shelf software can work well for many businesses there are quite a few downsides too, which we often see when speaking to new clients.

Off the shelf software will have been designed to provide features to the widest audience so there may be functionality you will never use or functionality you want that’s not included. Costs may also be deceptive and often don’t include setup, data importing, report customisation and training.

In the interest of balance though, off the shelf software does offer advantages too; it’s quicker to get you up and running, you will often have access to a support community and usually receive free upgrades too.

So why invest in bespoke?

We find that each client has a different view of bespoke software and the reasons they have for choosing the bespoke routes vary.

Works exactly how you want

The most obvious reason our clients choose to build bespoke software into their business processes is simply because it can be designed to match your existing workflow. For example, your sales team may be used to pitching a product to a prospect, recording objections, sending literature and following up on calls, a bespoke CRM would allow them to follow that familiar workflow.

Will scale with your business

As your business continues to grow your bespoke software applications can be adapted to accommodate process changes, increased workloads or additional integrations. Bespoke software is typically developed on an iterative, Agile process to ensure constant alignment with business needs.

No per user fees

As your team grows your software costs will remain the same. Software licenses are often determined by the number of end users whereas bespoke software can accommodate many users without an increase in costs. We often see that with larger teams it is much more cost effective to buy software outright rather than license.

Competitive advantage

Since your business has access to customised, streamlined and efficient processes it will make you more efficient, improve your performance and have a positive impact on customer satisfaction levels. Wider integration

Your bespoke software will be able to integrate with any of your other systems so you won’t need to shop around. Often businesses may have legacy systems in place which won’t work well with off the shelf software. Your bespoke software developers should be able to link your software together regardless.

Is there a middle ground?

While bespoke may answer many problems, a middle ground between off the shelf and bespoke can also be found.

There are many Open Source applications out there that can be adapted to provide bespoke functionality and accelerate your return on investment.

Although bespoke software offers the most flexibility, it can take longer to get your software in place, although using agile processes you can usually have working software in a relatively short period of time.

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