Will this be the year mobile ecommerce goes mainstream?

Following a record-breaking festive season, one which saw millions of shoppers abandon their desktop PCs to complete their Christmas shopping via mobile apps and websites on smartphones and tablets, experts within the ecommerce industry are confidently proclaiming that 2015 will be the year mobile ecommerce breaks into the mainstream.

One of the most vocal supporters for mobile ecommerce is the US-based retail technology company, Monetate. No doubt buoyed by the staggering number of users that flocked to mobile sites to take advantage of Black Friday, Christmas and New Year deals late last year, the firm expects big things from mobile ecommerce in 2015. According to them, there has been a major increase in the number of people using their handheld devices to shop, process payments, and move around their money, amounting to a year-on-year increase in purchases made via mobile of 45%.

Monetate’s CEO, Lucinda Duncalfe, attributed this rapid growth to the strides made in mobile technology over the years, which has made purchasing products via the small screen simpler, faster and more convenient than ever before. She paid special attention to innovations like “in-store and online activation with beacons, disruptive standalone apps and new mobile checkout solutions, like Apple Pay and PayPal Mobile Express”, citing these as key catalysts in the growth of mobile ecommerce.

“Consumers embraced these technologies during the 2014 holiday shopping season, proving that mobile is becoming a key revenue driver,” she said, before going on to claim that an increasing number of shoppers prefer the seamless, one-click, mobile shopping experience pioneered by ecommerce giants, such as eBay and Amazon. It is Duncalfe’s belief that more and more businesses will scramble to embrace this model, creating “super-personalised” mobile websites, in conjunction with software development companies, as part of an attempt to attract this new breed of smartphone shopper.

To capitalise on this emerging mobile trend, website development companies have to consider the needs and wants of mobile users. The average mobile user’s expectations differ wildly from those of a desktop user, so the focus has to be on creating a mobile ecommerce strategy that meets their specific needs.

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