Work Experience

My name’s Alfred, and I’ve just spent a week with the Purple Tuesday team for work experience.

What I did

I was given a fake project to work on over the week. It started with half a page of specification on a small game for me to program.

The idea was for me to design and create a game consisting of two non-playable characters that race across a track at randomised speeds. The aim of the game is to choose beforehand which one will win. While not a complicated concept, the final game did have some difficulties to make. However in the end, I managed to finish it after two and a half days, using my favourite/only programming language: python.

I spent the rest of the week learning html and css, and putting them into practice. By my last day, I was able to create a fairly simple, but solid-looking, web page together, which starred my previous project as its topic.

What I learnt

Apart from learning and getting experience in web page design, I also picked up knowledge on software development, a potential future career for me, and experience on working in an office.

What I enjoyed

Programming is already a fairly big hobby of mine, so being allowed to spend eight hours a day doing exactly that instead of school was great in itself. I also found it interesting to work to a more prominent deadline with a pre-set challenge, as up until now, I’ve only worked on my own ideas and in my spare time.

If I had to give one bad thing about my time at the office, it would be that the water dispenser always made weird noises whenever I used it.


Overall, the experience was enjoyable and informative. Working in this field has been a realistic career path for me for a while, so I was lucky to find such a place where I would be allowed to not only see what it’s like in the workplace, but also learn first-hand about some of the aspects of the job.

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