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Purple Tuesday is a software consulting firm that offers end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy, to design, implementation and support, helping clients achieve their business goals.

Agile methodology

The Agile Framework is a particular approach to project management is software development. It helps teams to respond to the unpredictability of construction software.

Using agile methods enables us to create a product that meets your requirements, which can get to market faster and eliminate costly re-working.

We do this by building your product incrementally, using iterative work sequences. Small tasks are planned and delivered in a continuous cycle. It gives you the opportunity to test functionality and give feedback to us if you need to make changes.

Agile development diagram

Changes can obviously have an impact on the scope, delivery schedule and project budget. We'll guide you throughout to ensure that we adhere to the overall vision of the project, while remaining in control of your budget.


We offer a fixed-scope, fixed-price project, a monthly retainer or flexible time and materials option, as well as any combination of the three. Regardless, the basic principle of accountability is the same, we believe that we should deliver quality on time and pay the price if we don't.

We support a wide range of process and commercial engagement models to ensure that project flow fits our client’s operational and financial objectives:

Fixed Price Fixed Scope

  • A classic delivery model which guarantees delivery of a pre-defined set of functionality in a specific time frame
  • Requires significant effort upfront for requirement definition and a rigid change management protocol
  • Can be done in Agile model (contrary to popular vision)
  • Less suitable for projects where requirements are likely to change

Dedicated Team

  • A team of engineers is assigned to work exclusively on a series of client's projects
  • Management and reporting duties are shared between client and Purple Tuesday
  • Ideal for Agile model
  • Allows for easy integration between us and the client's in-house IT team and infrastructure
  • Allows for a full scope control by the client and provides flexibility to change course as needed

Time and Budget Cap

The engagement is split into fixed-time phases (e.g. three-month long) with a fixed not-to-be-exceeded budget; the team works off the task backlog in an Agile manner

This option limits the client’s exposure for each phase and provides a natural accountability mechanism – we only get the next phase's budget allocation when you are satisfied with current deliverables.

We work with these techologies We work with these techologies


Our own bespoke library of reusable modules is freely available to all our clients. These modules, collectively known as Hypersonic, manage core functionality such as mobilisation, back office and security.

Utilising these modules allows us to rapidly accelerate the development process and reduce risk in certain key areas of the finished application. We are constantly improving these components, so as your application is in use you will automatically benefit from these upgrades.

Let's get to work, together

Tell us a little bit about your project. If you want to send us an email then please write to, or why not call us on 01603 856720 and we'll talk through your requirements.