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Before we start building your new software, improving your existing software or integrating your systems, we will make a plan.

Our analysts will look at any existing systems, your perceived and actual needs, and any risks. We will evaluate these and prepare a roadmap and timeline to achieve your requirements.

You’ll find we draw on our considerable experience when advising and planning your project. We pride ourselves on being able to understand the details of any business and see the bigger picture.

We take the stress, uncertainty and risk out of your software project.

Website development

Web software (apps) are software packages that simplify operations in a web browser; (the way mobile apps simplify operations on a mobile phone).

Your employees and customers will increasingly expect easy and secure access to your business operations and databases 24/7. Web apps make this possible for customer portals, booking systems, CRM and ecommerce applications. We can plan, build and support the development of web apps for your business.

Web apps give your staff and customers easy access to your business operations.

Mobile applications

Businesses are rapidly becoming reliant on mobile workers as well as mobile customer interactions. Engaging with employees and customers through mobile applications is now the norm in many industries.

Mobile apps give users instant access to your business, with or without internet connections. They also provide mobile functionality such as cameras and location sensors. Using these functions through fast, intuitive mobile apps helps you achieve a competitive edge.

Use mobile apps to engage with your customers and mobilise your workforce.

Software development

Bespoke software can make your business processes more efficient by reducing risk and improving flexibility.

Some businesses choose off-the-shelf software products but then find they have to change their processes to use them. With our bespoke service, you’ll get software tailored to your existing processes.

We also work with you to develop a comprehensive reporting and analytics platform ensuring you get the most from your database software.

Integration solutions

Many businesses have developed processes, databases and software over a number of years. Sometimes these legacy systems operate across many branches or even countries.

Often such systems require significant human intervention, such as manual data entry, and that can involve complex on-going training. By using bespoke software to automate the interaction between these systems, you can save time and money as well as reduce the risk of running legacy systems.

Get your systems working together.

Ongoing support

We can work with you to design a long-term support and maintenance agreement for your project. This will ensure your solution remains secure, available and running efficiently. We can also work with you on a comprehensive implementation plan that helps your users get the most from your software.

We will look at training, helpdesk support, systems maintenance, fine tuning, bug fixing and other related issues.

Your support and maintenance agreement will be transparent and designed to your specific needs.

Let’s get to work, together

Tell us a little bit about your software project. If you want to send us an email then please write to [email protected], or why not call us on 01603 856720 and we’ll talk through your requirements.